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Don't be tricked into paying for death records. Welcome to Find Free Death Records, Your # 1 Resource to Find Free Oregon Death Records. I list the best ways to get Oregon death records and obituaries for free or as little money as possible. This page is updated daily - if you have more up-to-date information or corrections, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Oregon Free Death Records Obituaries
How to Apply:
  • The Oregon Health Division's Administrative Rule states that death certificates have a 50 year access restriction.
  • Death records greater than 50 years old are available online through the Oregon Historical Records Index (see link below).
  • For death records less than 50 years old, download this Request for a Certificate of Death from the Oregon Department of Public Health.
  • Complete the above form and mail it, along with any applicable fees and a copy of your government issued photo identification, to:
    • Oregon Vital Records
      P.O. Box 14050
      Portland, Oregon 97293-0050


  • Death certificates have been filed with the Oregon state vital records office since 1903.
  • Currently, the state vital records office files just over 31,000 death certificates per year.
  • Some of the most important information about the health of Oregonians comes from death certificates. For example, the number of people who died from cancer or heart disease is calculated from death certificates.


  • $20.00


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