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Don't be tricked into paying for death records. Welcome to Find Free Death Records, Your # 1 Resource to Find Free Ohio Death Records. I list the best ways to get Ohio death records and obituaries for free or as little money as possible. This page is updated daily - if you have more up-to-date information or corrections, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Ohio Free Death Records Obituaries
How to Apply:
  • Ohio is among the few states that has searchable death records available online for free, through the Ohio Online Death Certificate Index.
  • So far, deaths that occurred between 1913 - 1944 are available online at the Ohio Online Death Certificate Index. All you need to know is the First and Last Name of the deceased and the county where the death occurred.
  • If you need a death certificate from 1945 - present, first download this Death Certificate Application Form from the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Complete the above form and mail it, along with any applicable fees, to:
    • Ohio Department of Health, Revenue Room
      Mail-in order
      246 North High Street, 1st floor
      P.O. Box 15098
      Columbus, Ohio 43215-0098


  • Allow for a delivery time of 3 - 6 weeks when requesting a death certificate by mail.
  • You can order copies of any death certificates available online at the Death Certificate at a discounted rate (see below for costs).


  • $7.00 ordered from the Death Certificate Index, $21.50 ordered by mail


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