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Don't be tricked into paying too much money for Alaska death records. Welcome to Find Free Death Records!
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How to Apply for Alaska Death Records:
  • Download the Alaska Death Certificate Request Form from the Bureau of Vital Statistics (pdf
  • A spouse, parent, child, or sibling of a deceased person may obtain a certified copy of the death certificate. Proof of your relation to the decedent is required when submitting your application. Siblings will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate showing parental relationship to the decedent.
  • A death certificate can also be furnished to a legal representative or to a person who provides documentation showing the death certificate is needed for the determination of property rights. If you are a legal representative, include a letter stating whom you represent and how you are related to the person named on the record.
  • Use the full first, middle, and last names as they appear on the certificate when filling out the request form.
  • We can only process requests for deaths that occurred in Alaska. For deaths that occurred outside of Alaska, requests must be sent directly to the appropriate state.
  • ALL REQUESTS MUST INCLUDE A COPY OF GOVERNMENT-ISSUED PICTURE ID OF THE PERSON REQUESTING THE DEATH CERTIFICATE. Enlarge the copy and lighten it as much as possible to ensure it is clear and readable when sent to the Bureau, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FAXING YOUR REQUEST. REQUESTS WITH DARK OR UNCLEAR COPIES OF IDs WILL BE RETURNED UNPROCESSED. Your signature under the copied ID is also required.


  • Requests sent by regular mail will normally be processed within 2 -3 weeks after receipt by the Bureau.
  • Expedited (Rush) requests submitted with credit card payment will normally be processed within 3 working days after receipt. Expedited requests must be faxed to our office. Note that there is no overnight express delivery to or from Alaska. Express delivery takes at least two days each way.
  • Normal processing times can be greater during periods of high volume. Please plan accordingly.
  • Please allow for mailing time.


  • $25.00


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